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We provide a wide range of services on most makes and model vehicles, caravans, trucks, boats, and smaller earth moving equipment, with over 15 years in this industry we have the knowledge and understanding of the continuous updating and development of vehicles and equipment. We will endeavor to continue upgrading and updating to provide quality service.

Vehicle diagnostics and repairs

We have a variety of quality equipment available, allowing us to scan, test and diagnose defective components, sensors or wiring faults that occur on your vehicle, from warnings such as check engine, ABS and SRS lights on your dash.

Alternators and Starters

Key components involved in getting you on the road and keeping you going, but due to wear and tear these components do tend to fail, we can test and diagnose, remove the faulty unit, repair/rebuild or replace them with genuine or quality aftermarket units.

Ancillary component installs and repairs

We install, repair and upgrade multiple ancillary systems to make your driving experience easier and safer. Reverse cameras or sensors, radio, lighting, to central locking faults and installations, we have the latest products and modern designs available to suit all specifications.

Batteries and dual battery systems

We can supply and fit dual battery systems to run your auxiliary equipment and keep your starting battery in working order when you are out and about. We test and replace starting batteries with genuine/quality aftermarket batteries. There are multiple types of batteries available from AGM, EFB to your standard lead acid batteries, we can also supply and fit Auxiliary and motorcycle batteries.

Electric trailer braking and lighting

Heavy trailers can dramatically increase your stopping distance. To overcome this, large trailers come from the factory already fitted with an electric braking system, we can supply and fit electric trailer braking systems to your vehicle to control the trailer. We can also fit and repair trailer lighting systems on your vehicle and trailers.


Air-conditioning repair

The hot and humid summers require a good functioning air conditioning system, we are qualified and licensed to safely diagnose and repair/replace failing components in your vehicle, we can re-gas the air conditioning and keep you cool and comfortable when you are on the road.

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Licence # AU57104

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